Black Water Tubing

Hello Fans,

So sorry we have been so quiet on the blogs lately… we have had an extremely busy and fulfilling holiday season!

The weather has been incredible, allowing for our guests (and us) to get out and about and enjoy some of the activities our area is famous for!

I had the pleasure of experiencing one of these fun and extremely awesome activities over this past weekend, something I knew nothing about, and I will now only sing their praises and recommend as many people as possible to do this fun activity!

Black Water Tubing is one of the funnest, most chilled and awesome activities I have ever done! My husband booked through Tsitsikamma Black Water Tubing website ( They are based at the very cool backpackers called the Tube n’ Axe, situated in Storms River Village, which is about a 40 minute drive north of Plettenberg Bay. (

After checking in at reception and making payment, you are given a full briefing, on safety and what to expect while on the river. Then you go and get kitted out…wet suites, life buoyancy waistcoats and helmets are all included in the price. Once everyone is kitted out, you jump onto the back of one of their vehicles and take a 20 minute drive down to the Storms River, where you begin your adventure.

It is a slightly steep walk down to the river, where you are once again shown how to ‘handle’ your tube correctly! This of course made us all giggle, and get extremely excited for what adventures we were about to embark on.

Yes, it is the same sort of ‘tube’ that you would find in a water park, and some of you may even have in your own homes, but what I can guarantee you that you would not have experienced before is the scenery along the Storms River. I cannot even begin to describe it! It is untouched indigenous Tsitsikamma Forest, not a piece of litter in site, bird life everywhere and the soothing sound of water…clean water!

You jump in your tube, and begin your adventure down stream towards the Indian Ocean. The guides are amazing, full of jokes and laughs, but beware… they can throw you off your tube… which is all apart of the fun and games.

The current is relatively strong, however it does depend on how high the water level is. Don’t expect white water rafting, this is a relaxing bumble down the river, where you go through mild rapids, and yes, you do get stuck on the occasional rock, which is hilarious and embarrassing… at the same time.

For the more adventurous, there are a couple of rock jumps which are optional. The one is 2 meters high, where you jump off a rock into your tube, the others are higher. There is a 2, 4 & 6 meter jump of a rocky cliff into very deep water. Please note that this is optional, and you can rather relax in your tube and watch people jump.

You spend about 1.5 – 2 hours on the water. Once finished, and after you reach the bridge where the ‘float’ ends, the vehicles are waiting for you…as well as a most welcome energy bar which you definitely deserve after all the arm paddling. You then head back to the Tube and Axe, give all the kit back and enjoy a well deserved drink at the bar with the wonderful guides and staff at the backpackers.

We did the half day trip, but they also offer a full day trip, which gives you about 8 hours on the river. They also provide lunch during the full day excursion. As it is also very dependent on the water level, it is advisable to check 48 hours before if they will be operating.

Dont forget to dress as if you are going swimming, sunblock and shoes that can navigate forest and slippery rocks and you dont mind getting wet.

Details for booking:

Tsitsikamma Black Water Tubing (Tube & Axe, Storms River Village)

Tel: +27 42 281 1757



I highly recommend this to anyone visiting the Plettenberg Bay area that has a half day to spare!

Until next time…

Kindest Regards

Shannon Rombi – La Vista Lodge