Get out of the rain: What to do in Plettenberg Bay on a rainy day

At La Vista Lodge in Plett you can treat yourself to a massage

It’s all well and good hitting the beach and trails when the sun is out, but what to do when it’s raining outside?

Although Plett is a coastal getaway destination known for its sunny outdoor activities, she does offer visitors ample rainy-day fun. Why look further than right here at La Vista? A private, in-room massage is the perfect way to slow down a busy holiday schedule and get back to basics and if you choose to spend your holiday with the La Vista family, the massage comes to you.

The skilled hands of the ladies from Forest Nature Spa massage will massage the stress right out of your tense muscles. This independent massage operator, and community initiative, employs local Xhosa ladies who have been trained in the art of massage. Specialising in couple’s massages in the suites at La Vista, all that is required of visitors is prior notice for these bookings.

Treat yourself to a massage on the deck at La Vista Lodge.
Treat yourself to a massage on the deck at La Vista Lodge.

If, like Johnny Ray, you love ‘just walking in the rain’, then grab your raincoat and head on down to the Beaches in Plett where hunting for Hunting for Pansy shells in Plett and beachcombing can while away those rainy hours.

The Pansy shell can be found on many of Plett's beaches.
The Pansy shell can be found on many of Plett’s beaches.

Before you know it, you’ll be the envy of the shell hunting community and ready to work your way through a hearty meal. Plett has her fair share of restaurants that will fill the ever growing whole in your stomach. Coffee is king and a meal isn’t a meal, if a good coffee isn’t in the offing. Coffee hopping is the newest craze and meeting up with friends for a good cuppa is a fantastic way to spend those leisurely hours spent waiting for the rain to pass.

From the Crags to Harkerville, gurus of the coffee bean are shining their Italian coffee machines, ready to still your caffeine craving. It wouldn’t be fair to single out any one coffee shop, as each one of Plett’s java joints offers its own unique ambiance, bean of choice and delicious snacking options. The trick is to try as many as you can and decide on your favourite.

For those who still enjoy the art of photography, long-lens style, Plett will no doubt have you filling up bags full of spools for developing. Now is the time to get those beauties developed and added to a scrapbook. The age of the selfie is here and thus with all the stunning pics on your mobile phone, take a few hours to put them out onto social media and perhaps write a few comments on TripAdvisor. Family and friends will be green with envy when they see what an absolutely beautiful paradise Plett is.

Still raining? Oh well, more slow, quality time to spend with your friends and family. Make this a holiday full of memories, no matter what the weather brings.