la Vista Menu

la Vista Breakfast Menu

la Vista Mushroom Queen

Slice of sour dough bread, topped with caramelized red onions, brown mushrooms, la Food Forest spinach, 2 slices of streaky bacon finished with 2 poached eggs.

Full English Breakfast

Eggs prepared to your liking with bacon, champion boerewors, creamy mushrooms and a sprout salad.

la French Toast

Brioche French toast topped with berry compote finished off with mascarpone cream.

Fruit and Honey Granola

A fruit bowl with homemade granola finished off with la Food Forest fruits available.

la Vista Garden Plate

Whole grain bread topped with kale pesto, rocket, scrambled eggs and finished with parmesan shavings and pumpkin seeds. Bacon can be added.

Fruit Plate

The chef’s choice of pick for the day.

Baked oats

Oven baked oats topped with a fresh garden salad, finished with warm strudel and a dollop of plain yoghurt.


ROOIBOS wake-up smoothie.
Blueberry energy booster.